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How do you get sewer service to approximately 120 households in high water conditions, which won’t let traditional septic systems function, west of Lamar, Colorado? You install grinder pumps at each residence, piping it through over 75,000 feet of pressurized sewer lines back to the City of Lamar sewer main. That is what Carrigan Excavating completed for the Prosperity Lane Water and Sewer Association.

New water mains, valves, and fire hydrants with a state of the art radio read meter system and a half a million gallon water storage tank was completed for the town of Sugar City, Colorado.

The town of Swink, Colorado received new water mains, valves, fire hydrants, and a radio read meter system on a dual water system. This dual water system has hard water for exterior use and soft water for interior use. Carrigan crews crossed existing utilities over 1500 times on this project.

We installed approximately 25,000 feet of new water mains, replacing the 50 year old lines, for the McClave Water Association.

The town of Wiley, Colorado Water Project consisted of bringing new water to the town from wells 10 to 11 miles away. This project crossed very rugged terrain, from sand to rock, under the Arkansas River, and along various State highways, roads, and canals. This job included installing a state of the art SCADA System and a TONKA Filtration System at their main site and drilling another new well.

A Kinetico Nitrate Removal System with lagoons, fencing, and a new well site facility was put online for the town of Haswell, Colorado.

In Pritchett, Colorado we had to demolish the existing 145 feet tall water tower to install a new 300,000 gallon water storage tank.

We worked with Michel’s Corporation doing excavation, grade work, and supplying aggregates from our sister company, Riverside Aggregates, LLC, for the Twin Buttes Wind Farm project in Southeast Colorado.

Our company experiences a new environment with the city of Fountain, Colorado water main installation. Juggling the traffic was half of the work for this job.

Work for the Cherokee Metropolitan District included installing water mains outside the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The project enabled the district to interconnect with Woodman Hills and running lines to newly drilled wells.

The town of Bethune, Colorado Water Project was unique in the fact that the town had no water metering system at all. Carrigan Excavating helped bring them into the 21st century by installing new water mains, valves, and fire hydrants throughout the entire town. A radio read meter system and a well house were also installed to work along with the new 300,000 gallon water storage tank.

A USDA Forest Service project in Southeast Colorado was a change of pace for us. Our crews built a new auto and hiking trail through parts of the Comanche National Grasslands in Carrizo Canyon.

After a devastating tornado swept through the town of Holly, Colorado, Carrigan Excavating was awarded the contract to help rebuild Holly’s infrastructure, including water mains, fire hydrants, valves, a touch read metering system, concrete curb, gutters, and sidewalks.

Offices for the National Park Service at the Sand Creek Massacre National Monument were completed with wells, water lines, and sewer service.

The town of Kanorado, Kansas water line improvement job was completed by installing new water lines, fire hydrants, valves, and a touch read meter system.

A few months later in Genoa, Colorado we installed 30,000 feet new raw water transmission lines along with a new well house, fire hydrants, and valves.

The Kim, Colorado project received more than 30,000 feet of water lines. The entire town was set up on a new touch read meter system. They also received a 228,000 gallon bolted steel potable water storage tank that is 17.5 feet in diameter and 127 feet in shell height. The new tank will provide for the town's water needs for many years to come.

Working in Bent County for Smartt Ranches, we installed 40,000 feet of water lines, stock tanks, float chambers, a well house, booster pumps, and solenoid valves. The entirety of this project was a Carrigan Design Build pipeline project.

The Lamar Municipal Airport fencing project was a very good project to have in our own backyard and our employees enjoyed being home for awhile. Installation of 20,000 feet of 8 foot high woven wire wildlife fencing was completed around the entire perimeter of the airport.

The Lamar Light and Power Stormwater Management Drainage System Construction project was our next job. It included building access roads with concrete curb and gutter, retention ponds, holding areas and a drainage system. Over 30,000 tons of aggregate was supplied by our aggregate division, Riverside Aggregates, LLC. Our crews completed the project for the new coal fired power plant addition.

Simultaneously, we started work on the town of Seibert, Colorado Water Systems Improvements Project. Our devoted crews had to work through a long winter with numerous days of incredibly cold, snowy, and blizzard conditions, along with frost deep into the ground. Over 10 miles of transmission water main line was installed along Highway 24 in between Seibert and Stratton. The town was such a pleasure for us to work with, but it happened to be one of the first American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Stimulus Package projects in the state of Colorado. To say that the additional paperwork to verify all of our parts were adhering to the Buy-American requirements was grueling is a huge understatement. This was a great challenge for the town, engineer, suppliers and our office, but we are proud to say that we did everything we possibly could do. In town improvements were completed with a state of the art SCADA System and a top of the line Back-up Generation System, along with bulk water loading station dispensing unit.

The city of Ashland, Kansas water system improvements project included installing 10,000 feet of 6" C900 PVC pipe, 4,000 feet of 1" service line, fire hydrants, and valves. We were happy to be working in their warmer temperatures for that winter. It was a great town to work with.

We moved our crews back to Colorado to start the Wastewater Treatment Project in Kit Carson, Colorado. It consisted of new sewer lift stations and transfer pumps, the dewatering and removal of all existing lagoons, along with new liners that were provided by Simbeck & Associates. Construction of a new wetlands lagoon, chlorination treatment facilities, all new yard piping and a state of the art SCADA System were also completed. A large amount of aggregate was used on this project and was supplied by our aggregate division, Riverside Aggregates, LLC.

The Lamar, Colorado 6 million gallon Tank Rehabilitation Project, working alongside Norvell Construction out of Colorado Springs, was started by taking the tank off line for 6 months to be completely recoated inside and out. New 24” piping for all penetrations and new 24” DI yard pipe were installed. It was nice to have two projects close to home.

Next, we worked on the expansion of a local feedlot. Granada Feeders is located 5 miles southeast of the Carrigan Excavating yard. We mention this because we were fortunate to be involved in the original construction of Granada Feeders approximately 12 years prior to this project. This is probably one of the projects that we are most proud of. Not so much for the size of the project, but because they are a testament to how great our local customers are and the fact that we are nothing without them.

A few months later we started the Two Buttes Water Project in Southeast Colorado. It consisted of new water mains, valves, fire hydrants, an all new radio read metering system and state of the art water treatment facilities along with a new 250,000 gallon 127’ tall water storage tank.

Working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on the Hasty, Colorado Junction and McClave, Colorado Junction Projects was another job that kept some of our crew close to home.

The Broadmoor Tank Repairs Project for Colorado Springs Utilities with Norvell Construction was another new experience for our “flat-land” crews. We worked through challenges on the side of a mountain and within the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. But as usual, our crews were able to Git-R-Done!

The Flagler, Colorado Wastewater Treatment Project consisted of regrading the existing cell to accommodate the installation of a new synthetic membrane liner with all new piping and valves, and also installed a new floating baffle membrane liner and reinstalled the existing aeration equipment.

The McClave Park Improvements Project in Bent County was a new opportunity for us. It included a new pavilion with restrooms, and updates to the tennis & basketball courts and playground area. We are proud to say this project was a success and the residents of the town of McClave will be able to enjoy it for years to come. This job is a testament to the quality and dependability of our subcontractor crews.

Wastewater System Improvements for the town of Eads, Colorado was completed in the spring. It consisted of removal and replacement of the existing concrete structures, all new aerators, and vaults with new 4-foot ID manholes. This project was unique in that we could NOT take the existing lagoons offline. We contracted Liquid Waste Management to dredge the lagoons while we were completing work. They were great to work with and thanks to them the project came off without any hitches.

We completed the Trinidad Airport Water Line Project for Las Animas County at the same time we landed back in Kansas again. The city of Minneola, Kansas had a Water System Improvements Project where we replaced existing water lines and piping throughout the town along with the total rebuild of existing sites. It was a great project and the town was a pleasure to work with.

We then worked on a project for Colorado Parks & Wildlife at the Two Buttes Reservoir. With large amounts of rainfall during the fall, the reservoir was full for the first time in twenty-five years. To keep the water, they received emergency funding for enlargement of the spillway. We moved 70,000 cubic yards of material to accomplish this task. The State of Colorado was having a disastrous Fall season with numerous towns being flooded from the frequent heavy rains. Thankfully, the Two Buttes Reservoir area is now a safer environment due to the spillway improvements.

The McClave Water Association had a project for the Ohlson Tank Reconstruction. It consisted of the displacement of the existing 50,000 gallon steel water tank, installing new concrete ring wall foundation and piping, and then resetting the tank.

Crews got to work closer to home when we started working on the City of Lamar South Well Field Transmission Line Replacement Project. This job contained installation of 24,000 feet of new 16” pipe and 10,600 feet of new 12” pipe. Tie-ins to existing well sites and pump stations are also being completed. Along the way, we will be replacing an existing line that was originally installed in 1932.

In the fall of 2014 we started the Vilas, CO Water Treatment Plant. This project was engineered by GMS, Inc of Colorado Springs and Tonka Water of Plymouth, MN. This water plant will privide a state of the art filtration system so the town will have good, clean drinking water for many years to come.

Also in the late fall of 2014 we started the Stratton, CO Water Project where we are replacing the water mains, meters and installing a new well house along with updating the current elevated water tower. This project is slated to be completed in the Spring of 2015.

This just highlights some of the projects we do. These jobs all go on while we also take care of our local customers, including several feedlots, farmers & ranchers, and local contractors. We strive to treat our customers, employees, and subcontractors with integrity, respect, and fairness. This philosophy has lead to substantial growth in our company. We look forward to more growth and the challenge of bringing our customers project to completion in the most cost effective manner.