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)2 ranches

)2 Ranches raises home grown Black and Red Angus beef. You could say bovine blood runs through our veins as cattle ranching has been in the family for well over 100 years. The brand was started in 1939 by my grandfather, the late Harry Pursley, of Kit Carson, CO and still goes on each of our cattle today. Based out of Prowers, Cheyenne, and Kit Carson counties in Colorado, we take pride in our rural heritage.

We probably need to mention that )2 Ranches would be hard pressed to run as efficiently as it does without the help of cousins Louden and Danny Ray Hornung of Flagler, CO. They take care of all of the day to day operations in Cheyenne and Kit Carson counties. Danny Ray is the granddaughter of the late Earl Pursley, of Kit Carson, CO brother to Harry. Family is important.